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Vendor Managed Inventory


I would appreciate your help.We are refining our VMI Services at LGI and would appreciate your feedback to three simple questions.1. What does VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory) mean to you?2. Have you had previous challenges with VMI services. If so, what challenges?3. What objections do you have to implementing an MRO VMI service?Your feedback will be greatly appreciated.

Rubberize It – Liquid Rubber


If you’re in need of a multi-purpose solution to protect your property against weather damage, hazardous chemicals, and daily wear and tear, Dura-Rubber liquid rubber coating is a fast-working, single-part sealant that’s both tough enough for professional use and easy enough for anyone to apply. It’s tough as an epoxy it is easy to use as a latex paint and cleanup with

Amazing Business Opportunity

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Own your own Industrial & Construction Supply Mobile Sales Territory. We are looking for experienced sales and service professionals from the Industrial, Construction, Safety or Tool sales markets across Canada This business opportunity allows you to leverage your existing contacts in order to grow your own mobile business Contact us for more information. Robert Skinner Email: Toll free: 855 488-3645

Hard Work or Luck


I've heard it said that the harder I work, the luckier I get. This is absolutely true because the harder you work, the greater the numbet of opportunities that present themselves. If you are good at recognizing good opportunities, in a way, you create your own luck. If pursuing a particular opportunity and seeing it through makes you happy, you have a

LGI will Find a Way


At LGI we maintain a 'Get It - Find It - Sell It' approach to servicing our clients. While we now catalogue almost 1 Million SKU'S at, we continually are on the search for different solutions. Just because we don't currently list an item, doesn't meant we can't or won't find it. When and where possible, we will go well out

What Successful People Do.


* "Success people accept life as it is, with all its difficulties and challenges. They adapt to it rather than complain about it. They accept responsibility for their own lives instead of blaming or making excuses. They say YES to life in spite of its negative elements and make the most of it, no matter what the circumstances". * "Successful people develop

What is your Company’s Culture


I truly beleive that, on the whole, customer's don't buy your "What", they really do buy your "Why". At the very least it is your "Why" that keeps people coming back. At LGI we have clearly defined our "Why" which includes a set of values that are internalized throughout our team. These values are; 1. Providing an exceptional experience to all stakeholders.

Delegation vs Perfection

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Recently I was reminded of two very important yet related points and the distinctions between them1. Different isn't wrong. It's just different.2. There is no such thing as perfection.Let me explain.Since I was a teenager, I was reminded by teachers and managers, that I didn't like being told what to do. Do you relate?😉I have also always found it difficult to muster