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Corporate Contacts

LGI® Industrial & Construction Supplies
#201-20120 Stewart Cres.
Maple Ridge, BC
V2X 0T4, Canada

PH: 855.488.3645

LGI Industrial & Construction Supplies® is a world class one-stop network of corporate, and individually owned and operated stores. LGI® provides product support & service solutions for many types of businesses including; Manufacturing, Construction, Oil & Gas, Pulp & Paper , Mining, Automotive, Municipal & Government, and the Military.

Mission Statement LGI®

Building strong, mutually profitable partnerships while always conducting our business with integrity, and providing the upmost value for our customers.


With over 280,000 industrial grade products available online, and significantly more at the store level, we’re confident we have what your business needs.  Lowering risk and creating real value for every customer is our hallmark. LGI® continually canvasses the world markets to match your company’s supply needs with the best available products. LGI´s® on-line Products Reference Guide is only a small representation of what we can offer you. If you don´t see what you need we will be more than happy to source it for you.



LGI´s® people are unique within our industry in that your local LGI® team is not only highly trained, they are highly motivated to provide you with the service you need and often will provide you with more than you expect. LGI® people will go out of their way for you and this is reinforced within LGI´s® culture.


Great service starts with great people. As most of LGI´s® stores are individually owned and operated, each manager has a highly vested interest in ensuring that you are provided with the best service and value available in your community. As part of this service, we go out of our way in providing:

  • Sourcing of specialty items
  • Custom tailored stocking options
  • Custom tailored service options
  • On-time delivery
  • On-site product and service consultation
  • Continual education on new products

And much more…..


LGI® has and will always remain competitive. Your local LGI® store will work with you to ensure that they provide you with the best available value and lowering your overall cost. At LGI® we view our clients as partners in business together, and we understand that integrity is key to any successful long-term relationship. LGI® vows to always provide an honest and mutually beneficial working relationship with you and your business.

Whether your company is a steel building manufacturer, a power generation facility, a custom steel fabricator, an automotive body shop, a furniture manufacturer, a municipal works yard, a machine shop or an aircraft maintenance facility, chances are that we have everything that you need. Our Corporate head office is located in British Columbia on Canada´s west coast and provide local one-stop shopping to customers from coast to coast. We will appreciate the opportunity to see what we can do for you.